Hello there!

Okay, so in case you hadn’t figured this out, this is going to be my blog for the National Novel Writing Month. I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be writing about or.. well I just have no idea. But I have a month to think about it, right? ;D

So over the month of October, I shall be participating in the Post A Day challenge on my regular blog to build up to this almighty feat. If you want to visit said regular blog, you can a find a link to it here —> Said Regular Blog. I’ll probably be brainstorming for this novel and developing characters on my blog too.

So that’s it for now I suppose. And I may or may not add a couple more posts here before November. I’m not sure, but when November comes, I’ll probably delete this. 😀


Okay, so I have officially decided on what I shall be writing for this novel challenge. You can read about it here. And you can find a preview of what is to come here.

EDIT #2 (30th Sep 2012)

So, a year later and not much has changed because I got far too busy. It’s rather sad really, but here I am again, going to give it another shot. Why not? I’m not travelling to another country mid-month this year, the only thing I will have to stress me out will be TAFE. But I’ll try not to let that get in the way.

I’ve added a new page to the blog titled Planning & Notes that you can find up the top. On this page I’ll post some world, location and character descriptions. I have so many pieces of paper floating around that I should probably have another, electronic copy of them. So you’ll find a few tid-bits on that page with, be warned, possibly some spoilers!

Amber. xx

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