Amaia Matthews;;

A beautiful, young 19 year old girl with lengthy brown hair and deep-drown eyes. She is a college student studying history with a major in music and entertains regularly at the local cafe/bar with her voice and her guitar. She lost both of her parents when she was young, and has lived with her best friend Zara’s family until more recently moving out on her own and back into her mum’s old house.

Zara Hallow;;

A loud and over the top 19 year old with a unique style and personality. With her vibrant purple hair and her smokey grey eyes, she’s Amaia’s best friend. She attends the same college and waits and the same cafe/bar her friend performs at.

Melinda Maarten;;

The 31 year old owner of the local and widely popular inn. Her pleasant personality and tolerance for almost everyone that passes through her inn has given her quite the reputation and a constant stream of customers. Melinda is one of the first people to befriend Amaia and they become quite close.

Kaiyah Hallow;;

Kaiyah is Woodsborough’s most renowned sorceress/enchantress. With her brightly coloured hair and her amazing gold eyes, she is extremely unique compared to the rest of the magical community. The 26 year old woman is the Prince’s best friend and caters to any and all magical needs of the King and Queen.

Princess Eva of Woodsborough;;

The blonde, curly haired, blue-eyed Princess is rather quiet and shy when she isn’t out playing with her brother in the gardens. At 8 years of age, she exceeds the intelligence of many of the townsfolk thanks to the castle’s abundance of books and her thirst for knowledge and understanding.

Princess Althea;;

This 26 year old Elvin Princess of Elmaredor, although still fairly young for an elf, has been ruling the people of Elmaredor for a decade. Her mother became distant and reclusive when her daughter was only young, leaving the crown to Althea’s father. Two years later, he disappeared and the young girl’s mother returned to her for a short time to rule before crowning her as Princess and the young age of 16. She has seen neither parent since but keeps in contact with her mother. She worries for her father from whom she’s since never heard from.

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