Some Notable Places in the 21st Century

The Statue;;

At the foot of the mountains of Woodsborough can be found a waterfall. In the center of the large pool of water at the base of this waterfall stands a marble statue of a beautiful young woman. The woman, dressed in a medieval styled dress and robes, wears a soft expression that matches her delicate features. She also boasts a head of voluminous, curly hair atop which sits a magnificently detailed crown with what look to be real diamonds set into the stone. Carved neatly at the foot of this statue, just barely above the water, is an inscription. The words are written in a dead language which almost none can read in present times, but it tells of the history of Woodsborough and of a none-too-happy ending for a young Princess and her unborn child.

The Gorge of Althea;;

Named after the Elvin Princess, Althea, it is the place of her last stand and her sacrifice for her people, her family and the Kingdom. It is still the gateway into Elmaredor, only there is no longer a safe pass over the river that has become a gorge.

The Elmarian Wood;;

This is all that is left of Elmaredor in the 21st century. Only accessible via the Gorge of Althea, the Elmarian wood is an overgrown woodland that although it still holds beauty is a mere forest compared to the magnificent realm it used to be. It is covered with only a few remnants of what used to be magical protection, giving the land it’s eerily, messy perfection.

The Castle Ruins to the North;;

These are the ruins of the Castle of the Kingdom of Woodsborough. Although the castle was mostly destroyed, a few walls and rooms remain intact and over time, the stained and scorched land has given way to the life of lush green grass and vines among numerous other flora that now hide the ruins. It is a wondrous sight to behold, the ruins in daylight.

The Ruins of the West;;

These ruins are thought to be that of Woodsborough’s enemy. The castle is more intact than that of the Kingdom’s but the land has never recovered from the evil that used to inhabit it.

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