Temporary Blurb Thingy

Nineteen. Beautiful. Kind. Talented.

Small town Woodsborough girl, Amaia Matthews is used to feeling on the outside. Both her and her best friend Zara have lost their parents in strange disappearances and haven’t felt quite like they belonged in this town since they were little. Things start to get increasingly strange after Amaia’s 19th birthday when she starts feeling as though people are following her. In truth, she is being followed, but by what, no one is quite sure. Her life gets a little too exciting for her liking and the last thing she remembers is her best friend pushing her off a cliff before waking up in a lovely green forest with two people staring at her: a handsome man in odd clothing wearing a crown and a beautiful young woman who’s dressed like a bar maid.

What then unfolds is filled with anarchy, monarchy and magical battles of a 17th century Woodsborough.

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