Just a little on the backstory of the idea for my NaNo Novel as I don’t want to get all caught up in copyright laws or whatever that may or may not come into play.

So, my novel for NaNo will loosely be based off the beginnings of what looked like a promising story that I found on FictionPress.net.


I read this story probably around the start of 2009 and was saddened to find that it was first uploaded in 2006 and hasn’t been updated since August in 2008. The author had only written six chapters and a prologue all totalled up to 6,473 words. I was so interested and intrigued by where this story could go that my head decided to make it’s own little world and create it’s own little story to make up for the lack of updating.

And so, in the time that has passed since I first read this story, the seed that was planted has turned into a large rain forest of ideas. My own little world that is now only similar to the original story in two ways:

One;; the place. 

Woodsborough. I kind of fell in love with that name. Not sure why, but I haven’t found anything good enough to replace it. It just fits. (And no, it’s not the place of the Scary movies. That’s Woodsboro. And that’s actually a real place.. Haha.)

Two;; the .. hard to explain.

Passing through. Well, the author used “falling through” but I prefer “passing through”. But anyways. The idea of falling (or being pushed) off a cliff and falling into another time period. The author never got far enough into the story to explain anything about this, but I’ve thought of it as a magical barrier that one would ‘pass through’ if all they knew to be at the bass of the cliff was desert and death. If they knew, however, that there was another world down there and they jumped knowing that’s where they’d end up, they would indeed fall to their deaths on the desert floor. I know, lovely, right?

But apart from those two things, I’ve created my own little world with my own original characters and an ever evolving plot. I’ve only ever written a snippet / prologue type thing for this story – which you can find linked on the main page. The rest is all in my head and a few plot points and character lists typed up on the laptop that I am slowly transferring to here.

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